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"SHA Solar Shavanette" DOB 5/11/16~ 100% ApHC ~88+% FAHR elligible~5 Gen Filly! 

This beautiful girl is Annette, She is out of Genny X Thunder who are from very special foundation Breeding lines that produce amazing Leopard Patterns. She not only carries Scripter breeding thru Solar Flair Éclat on her Sires side but also carries the Toby/Patchy breeding and Plaudit on her Dams side. I have found over the years that these horses make some of the best crosses I have produced. This girl will be an awesome addition to any family or breeding program, would also do very well in most any dicipline. She is Cheerful and Athletic and is very easy to be around, would make a wonderful show horse too. We would love to keep her for our program but I just can not keep them all so she is being offered for sale.

FOR SALE! $3800

"SHA Patchobys G-Wind"~DOB 8/30/16~100% ApHC~99.21875% FAHR Eligible!~

5 Gen Colt!

This Handsome Fella is SHA Patchobys G-Wind aka G-Wind! He is out of Journey X Patchy and has a Foundation Pedigree to be proud of! Not only is he 100% ApHC but he is also 99.21875% FAHR eligible which is pretty amazing!! He carries Toby/Patchy Breeding top side and Pratt/Ghostwind Breeding thru his Dam. He also goes to Scripter breeding which to mean means he has the best of the best in foundation breeding! I have seriously thought hard about keeping his as a future Stallion here and selling his Dad but in my heart I just can't do that yet so he is offered for your consideration at this time. G-Wind is a beautiful Blue Roan Snowcap and I expect him to follow in his Dad's footprints and produce both Blanket and Leopard Patterns which is very important to keep both patterns alive in the Foundation Appaloosa. Please take a second to see this boys pedigree and let me know if you need any further information. He won't be a year old until the end of August so still has lots and lots of growing to do ;o).

Sale Price: $3500 OBO

"SHA Solair Sensation" ~DOB 6/22/16~100% ApHC~99.21875% FAHR! FILLY!

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This Stunning girl is Baby aka "SHA Solair Sensation" she is out of Jewels X Patchy and is my baby ;o)! She is not For Sale as I will be keeping her for my program.


"SHA RocNThunderStorm" ~DOB 5/10/16~100% ApHC~89% FAHR elligible~5Gen Filly!


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This Beautiful Girl is Pepper one of my favorites...she is out of Rocksey x Thunder and is turning into such a perfect pattern I believe she will be spotted head to toe as she matures. She is Sweet, Athletic, Built Right and has an amazing Foundation Pedigree. She is Scripter bred on the top side and Toby bred on the bottom ;o)!! Her Full sister lives in France and has now had her first foal. This cross has proven to be quite nice and I am proud to offer her for sale. She will be an awesome addition to any family and will be a very nice addition to a Foundation Breeding program. I will add more pics and info on her asap if you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

Sale Price: $3000

"SHA Solar Ice Patch"~DOB 5/31/16~ 100% APHC~99.21875% FAHR eligible!! 5 Gen Filly!!

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This stunning girl is Sparkle aka "SHA Solar Ice Patch" another of my favorites! She is out of my Senior Mare who is a "Solar Flair Éclat" daughter, Aurora X Patchy. Sparkle is a perfect black Fewspot Girl with the tradition Ghostwind Pattern. She is also a whopping 99.21875% FAHR elegible which makes her even more special! Her pedigree is about a pure as you can get and we are very proud of her. She has a promising future ahead of her and we are anxious to watch her grow into the fabulous Mare that we know she will be ;o)! Sale is pending on Sparkle and boy this is a hard one to part with.

Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE 

"SHA Shamrock Sizzler"~DOB 7/29/16~ 100% ApHC~99.21875% FAHR eligible~5Gen Filly!

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This Lovely Leopard Filly is Sizzle aka SHA Shamrock Sizzler, she is out of our amazing Scripta x Patchy and is another one I would LOVE to keep. She is also 99.21785 FAHR Eligible and perfect in every way. She is a big girl like her Dam and I suspect that she will look almost like her as she matures except that she will have a thicker and longer Mane and Tail. I have high hopes for Sizzle and will not be disappointed if she doesn't sell. She would make a wonderful addition to any family, or Foundation Breeding program. I also feel as though she could compete in most any discipline and prove herself to be a winner. This is a wonderful Chance Folks if you are looking for purity of bloodlines and beauty to boot she would be your gal ;o)!

Sale Price: .Not for Sale.

"SHA Chief Windancer"~DOB 6/7/16~100% ApHC~FAHR Eligible~5 Gen Fewspot Colt!

This Gorgeous guy is Chief...he is a huge Fewspot Colt out of Windy x Charlie! He has sold with his Dam to a wonderful new home with Jennifer and her Family. Will be anxious to see how he matures as this boy I expect to be a min of 16H and has bone to spare ;o)!

Sale Price: Sold!!!