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"WF Topatchys Frosty" ~DOB 5/11/2005~ApHC #642144~98.4375% FAHR #1053~

Black Snowcap Foundation Stallion!

This Gorgeous Guy is our Senior Stallion Patchy aka WF Topatchys Frosty! He hails from a wonderful breeding program of the Late Jess Helsel of Hobby Horse Hill in Indiana. Patchy is one of the nicest Stallions I have ever known...he truly hasn't got a mean bone in his body. He is a beautiful Black Based Snowcap who throws amazing foals no matter the mare. His conformation and build and perfect and his beauty is just Icing on the Cake. Patchy throws both leopard and blanket patterns which we love because not everyone loves a Leopard or a Blanket. Please view his foals page for a sample of the foals he has produced thus far. Patchy is also FAHR Registered at a whopping 98.4375 % which we are very proud of. Preserving these old bloodlines is very very important to us.

Ghostwind Thunder TLC ~DOB 3/6/2009~100% ApHC #N659597~87.1094% FAHR #881

Black NC Foundation Stallion!

This Stunning guy is Thunder aka Ghostwind Thunder TLC! He hails from The Leopard Center where is was bred by Anna McNally and we feel very blessed to have him as part of the Sunset Hill Appaloosa Family. Thunder is Homozygous Black and comes from two loud Leopard Parents with great Leopard Patterns in their genetics. Thunder produces amazing patterns for us and we love the fact that he not only passes on a beautiful package with double thick manes and tails but his foals also have great personalities so well known to the Scripter bred appaloosas. He is a G-Son of the great Solar Flair Éclat which makes him so special to us. Solar Flair Éclat was a true foundation bred appaloosa who was 17H and we find that the Scripter line horses not only produce amazing color and pedigree but wonderful height which we also find important to the breed.