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"Stars Midnite Journey"~100% ApHC #668758~100% FAHR pnd ~2009 Foundation Mare

This beautiful Mare is Journey aka Star Midnite Journey! She is a foundation breeders dream! She 100%FPD and a Whopping 100% FAHR. She came to me with her Dam a very very special Mare that I had wanted from the first time I saw her, Unfortunately she passed within a few days of foaling her first foal here at Sunset Hill. I will never get over the loss of my beautiful boomnblackeyedsusan. Now on the her daughter Journey she has an amazing pedigree that even rivels her Mom. She has Foaled two foal for me thus far and another is on the way soon. I have decided to place her up for Sale as I need to reduce my numbers and the fact that she isn't tall like my other Mares will give someone a Change t0 bring this fabulous Mare into thier program ! This is a fabulous Opportunity that doesn't come along but on in a like time...there are very FEW 100% FAHR horse left in the world. She is a pure bred Appaloosa Mare!!

Sale Price: Not For Sale

"Tobys Black Bear" ~100% ApHC #N649896~96.875% FAHR pnd~2006 Foundation Mare!

Oh My Goodness!!! Are we ever pleased to tell you about Pixie!! She is just trully an awesome young lady with Bloodlines that can't be beat! Pixie is a Solid Black NC Girl w/one sock and a small Cresant Moon Star on her forehead. She has that beautifully long & thick Mane and Tail, a Gorgeous Head, Perfect Conformation...well, she is trully just the total package. She came here to us from Splashy Apps in Michigan...they are breeder's of the Strong Foundation lines of the Toby's that we are so fond of. She is a wonderful asset to our breeding program and did I ever mean Oh My Goodness we are Thrilled!! Click link above to see her pedigree and we will add info as she matures into the beautiful Mare that we already see in her.

Pixie's Bloodlines Include:

Toby l 9x, Toby ll 7x, Toby lll, Dartagnon 2x, Toby K 2x, Toby ll's Patchy 2x, Patchy 5x, Patches 5x, Baby Patches 5x, Bear Step, Morgans Leopard 2x, Sundance 500, Storm Cloud F, Storm Clouds Speck, Red Eagle 3x, Painters Marvel 3x, Painter lll 3x, Marvels Angel 5x, Rileys Purple Doll, Chief Joseph 2x, Knobby 33x, Sam Fisher Herd 46x, Starbuck leopard, San Rafael 2x, Freels Chico 2x, Plus several others.  

"R Stormys Trixie" ~100% ApHC #629511~89.625% FAHR pnd~2004 Foundation Mare!

This is Rocksey, she is an Awesome Young Mare that came to us from Rhodes Appaloosas in Ky. She is another Toby/Patchy bred girl who has the best personality. She has very correct Conformation with such beautiful movement...she just looks as tho she glides out in the pasture. We are anxiously awaiting her second foal this Spring 2010 out of Patchy. Hopeing for a filly too ;o) as this one may be staying here!

Rocksey's Bloodlines Include:

Toby l 6x, Toby ll 4x, Toby ll's Patchy 2x, Tobys Shoshone, Toby K, Toby K's Shadow, Pokadott Toby, Patches 3x, Patchy 3x, Patchy Jr , Baby Patches 5x, Dartagnon, Knobby 42x, Sam Fisher 54x, Sorm Cloud F 3x, Red Eagle 7x, Red Eagles Peacock 2x, The Painters Many Many times, Painters Marvel 7x, Marvels Angel 10x, Joker B, Rileys Purple Doll 2x, Cheif Of Fourmile, Spotted Eagle, Easter 2x, Dakota Sands, Snow Cloud, Cheif Joseph, Double Six Domino 2x, Mansfield Comanche 6x, Shavano, Quahnah, Apache, San Rafael 2x, Sundance 500, Starbuck Leopard, Wapiti, Navaho Britches, Blossom, Nez Perce herd, plus many others!!

Rocksey Has Sold But I am keeping her here for reference!

"Mystic Ebony Lace" ~100% ApHC #622651~FAHR Pnd~2003 Foundation Mare!

We are so pleased to introduce "Mystic Ebony Lace" aka Mystic. She is a Big Bold Beautiful 16h 100% Foundation Bred Mare who is only one horse shy of being an F-5! Mystic came to us from Wyoming Appaloosa Ranch and we thank them so much for giving us this wonderful oportunity to add such a nice Mare to our program. Mystic is a true Black with a few White spots over her hips Laterally Gaited Girl who has the best personality she is very sweeet and lovable. She had her first baby in 2008 which is a gorgeous Chesnut Near Leopard Colt. We will be breeding Mystic to Breago come Spring for what we beleive will be Gorgeous Black Leopard 2010 foal. With her perfect conformation, beauty and size blended with Breagos qualities this foal just has to be AWESOME!! Can't Wait!! Click link above to see her wonderful pedigree.

Her Bloodlines Include:

Red Eagle 13x, Red Eagles Peacock, Ulrichs Many Coups 2x, Storm Cloud F 2x, Sundance 500 5x, Mansfield Comanchee 6x, Toby I, Toby II, Double Six Domino 3x, Joker B, Patches 13x, Baby Patches 6x, Patchy 4x, Patchy Jr, Surprise Patch, Knobby 19x, Ghostwind Stallions 55x, Sam Fisher Herd 30x, Painter III 13x, Arab Toswirah Alkhar, Blanco 3x, Chief Malhuer, Simcoes Sarcee 2x, Starbuck Leopard 13x, Starbuck Leopard II, San Rafael 26x, Morgans Leopard 3x, Painters Marvel 9x, Marvels Angel 11x, Buttons B 2x, Nez Perce Herd 12x, Apple Jack 2x, Rosy Day, Chocolate Sunday, Navajos Candy 2x, Azul 9x, High Hand 7x, Hands Up 7x, Ace High, Zebra Pal, Freels Chico, pocohontas, Chief Navajo, The Painters Many times, plus several others, to many to list.