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Sire: PJA Peekaboo Charlie

Dam: Solar Irish Jewelhis Title

G-Sire: Solar Flair Éclat

G-Dam: Eclats Fire N Ice

G-Sire: PJA Ghostwind Spirit

G-Dam: Arrows Bambi

G-G-Sire: Coyotes Apache

G-G-Dam: Angel Many Spots

G-G-Sire: Ghostwind Echo

G-G-Dam: Dazzling Vision Spot

G-G-Sire: Arrows Apache

G-G-Dam: Ulrich Betsy

G-G-Sire: Solar Flair Éclat

G-G-Dam: Polar Birdsong

Cedar Ridge Spot w/Lois Williams

Sun Powder Spirit

Ulrich Papillon

Ulrich Buttercup

Little Coyote

PJ's Pet

Chubs Powderface 

Money Creeks Leopard Angel

 Apache Polar Star

Chubs Birdsong

Speculation RA

Ima Sunray Too

Ulrich Many Coups

Ima Sunray Too

Ben Buzz 

Patchy Yamini

Chubby Pawnee

Peppers Shamrock

Butanas Orbit

Powders Polka-dott

Chubs Powderface

Money Creeks Wy-Anna