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Sunset Hill Appaloosas

18027 State Highway AC

Bloomfield, Mo. 63825


(Email preferred due to poor phone signal)

Buying a Horse from "Sunset Hill Appaloosas" is a very simple process. Once you have seen a Horse that interests you just email (preferred) or call to let me know. As I mentioned on the Home Page we do believe in Barter so don't be afraid to let us know what you have that we may be interested in as trade or partial trade or simply to make your best offer. We most of all want all of our Horses to go to good homes where they will be loved and become a cherished part of someones family.

We do accept payments thru PayPal which also includes Credit Card options, this makes the buying process very easy and of coarse PayPal is very safe. We have used PayPal for many many years...or if you prefer M.O. ect... thru the mail that works for us too ;o).

We do draw up contracts for Horses that we sell, that will protect you, us and most of all the Horse being sold. Each contract is specific to each deal so therefore we don't have a Standard Contract that covers every Horse sale. This will all be discussed and decided on, once you have found the right Horse for you.

In some circumstances we may be willing to lease a particular Horse to you. Also if you are committed to Showing or Competing a Horse from our Farm let us know as this could make a difference in the deal that we can make you, as we see this as a benefit to our Farm.
OK...I think this covers everything but check back as I may make changes to this page as our Business Grows.

Thank You for stopping by and we Hope to hear from you soon ;o)!

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