Sunset Hill Appaloosas

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True "FOUNDATION BRED" Appaloosa's at thier FINEST!

For Quality and Color! Look NO Further! ;o)

Below are a sample of the foals that we produce. We are very proud of our foals and their parents ;o)!

We here at Sunset Hill are PROUD breeders of the true Foundation Bred Appaloosas. Our Appaloosas go back to the oldest and purest Appaloosa Bloodlines and we are on a mission to help preserve these Old Bloodlines before they are lost to the World thru continued out crossing. There is a difference in the modern bred Appaloosas and the True Foundation Bred Appaloosa and once you have owned a Foundation Bred Appaloosa and learn about their intelligence, athletic abilities, and their gentle nature you will be converted. Our Horses are registered thru ApHC and pending FAHR. We believe strongly in the way FAHR is truly preserving these Foundation Bloodlines with an actual % of registered Foundation Blood. The FPD program thru ApHC does not guarantee that the Appaloosa registered thru them actually traces back to the original Founding Bloodstock. FAHR registered Appaloosas "have" to trace back to a minimum of 75% actual Foundation Blood.


Our Foundation Lines include the Wonderful Bloodlines of Frank Scripter, The Toby's, Patchy's, Ulrich's, Red Eagle, Chief Of Fourmile, Chubs Powderface, The Ghost Winds Stallions, Nez Perce Horses and on and on. We are focusing on the Scripter and Toby/Patchy lines mostly as we believe they are some of the purest lines to be found. If you have "Solar Flair Eclat" in your pedigree you just really can't get any better than that as he traces back to practically all the deep Foundation horses up close in his pedigree. If you don't know this horse or his breeding...please check him out!! We feel as though our breeding program is growing into what we have dreamed of and feel so very proud to offer the quality FA's that we are producing.

 Please take a look around our Website to see our Wonderful Stallions and Mares along with a few Beautiful Appy's for Sale. We will be keeping our numbers fairly low so that we can manage them properly. We believe strongly in giving each and every Horse lots of Love and Attention which of course makes for a healthier and happier Horse that Loves people and is a true joy to be around. 


We do believe in Barter, you may have something we need that we could take in as trade or partial trade to pay for any Horse that you are interested in. We can always use Hay, Round Pen Panels, Wood for Building projects, Manure Spreader, Possibly Saddles, just whatever you have that is Horse farm related let us know and we will see if we can use it. We also always have tons of manual labor that needs to be done, plus now that we have more pasture we are needing hay equipment so we are very flexible with our bartering and believe this also keeps the business aspects of breeding fun ;o)!


           Thank You for stopping by our Website and please feel free to contact us any time ;o)!